Danish artists promote Iran's culture in Fajr Music Festival

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Besides, the international music maestros hold workshops on the sidelines of the festival.

Before the performance, Athelas artistic director, Jesper Lutzhoft, said that the piece features the square's beauty, hustle and bustle, and its silence.

The 34th edition of the event will wrap up on Feb. 19.

The ensemble also performed pieces by Iranian composers Shahin Farhat, Hormoz Farhat and Amir-Mahyar Tafreshipur, and French composer Francis Jean Marcel Poulenc.

On the day, "A Beautiful Square in Isfahan" was performed by Danish ensemble Athelas at Tehran's Vahdat Hall.

The 34th Fajr Music Festival, which kicked off on Wednesday, features different categories of music, including classical, folk, pop and revolutionary anthems, from Iran and other countries.

The Fajr Music Festival is Iran's most prestigious music festival founded in 1986, several years after the formation of the film and theatre festivals in the artistic sphere of Iran.

The event, which is held in Tehran and 15 other Iranian cities simultaneously, hosts a number of prestigious international musical artisan from Europe, Middle East and Eastern Asia.

TEHRAN, Feb. 15 (Xinhua) -- Iran's Fajr Music Festival continued for the third day on Friday with Danish artists performing pieces seeking to promote the country's culture.